Purified water-soluble CBDA and CBD powder and extract.
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Cannabis Science’ proprietary, short-time vacuum distillation process determined the ideal pressure, temperature, and time to avoid the loss of CBDA and all of the important acids of cannabinoids. As part of its testing process, the Company utilized CBD extract with 7.3% CBD and less than 0.2% THC levels. Through the first step of CBIS’ purification process, the Company produced a purified CBD extract with 26% CBD and over 0.6% THC levels. Based on this cleaned extract Cannabis Science EU GmbH produced a purified water-soluble CBD powder with 3.5% CBDA, 3.5% CBD, and less than 0.02% THC levels. Generally, cannabinoids become unstable when mixed with water due to the oxidation process. Through the Company’s vacuum distillation process and emulsification solution, CBIS can provide its customers with the highest CBDA extracts in powder form, thereby bypassing this oxidation and providing a potent product that maintains full nutritional CBDA and CBD levels with a much longer consumption expiry date than in water-diluted common CBD products, commonly poor in CBDA.

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