Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center Invitation.

Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center Invitation.


Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, Cannabis Science’s President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Co-founder was invited to participate as a speaker during the Department Seminars at Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center November 2016. Mr. Dabney presented the discussions, and together with Mr. Melvin F. Foote of the Constituency for Africa, and Dr. Allen A. Herman, the Chief Medical Officer of CBIS, delivered an extensive overview of CBIS and the Cannabis Science Research Foundation; summarizing the science of cannabinoids, targeting various critical ailments and confirming the ability to kill cancer cells and enhance the therapeutic management of various cancers; and engaged members of the Harvard faculty in deliberating approaches to forming a research and drug development partnership between CBIS, Inc. and Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center.

Following the presentation, Dr. Wilfred F. Ngwa, Director of Global Health Catalyst at the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center stated: "The Cannabis Science Presentation and Discussions was a Great Success and will lead to mutually beneficial partnership opportunities between Cannabis Science and Harvard Medical School."

Dr. Ngwa also stated, "I must say that we were pleasantly surprised with the depth of knowledge, clearly targeted missions, and direct plan of action delivered by Cannabis Science. It was certainly refreshing and clear. We invited Mr. Dabney and his team to discuss the drug development success and progress the company had made over the years. Partnerships between the CBIS team and scientists here at the DF/HCC are expected to bring a deeper understanding of the potential effectiveness of cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases. We will outline the critical motivations for our research partnership with a view of successfully publishing these in a high impact peer-reviewed medical journal."

Dr. Herman reflected, "During the roundtable discussion after our presentation, we had the opportunity to discuss potential pre-clinical, and clinical research programs and goals with the scientists at DF/HCC. Our drug development targeting will be executed by the new partnership and is expected to alter the dynamics of phyto-pharmaceutical development, particularly in the areas of clinical trial design and program implementations. Our discussions of these focal areas with Dr. Wil Ngwa and his colleagues were incisive and very positive, and we have started the process of planning a series of exciting and mutually beneficial partnership opportunities."

"With the support of a strong team of scientists at what is quite possibly the world's most prestigious cancer research institution, Cannabis Science hopes to bring new treatments from research to FDA approval much more quickly. The strength of this partnership is underscored by a deep knowledge of the approval processes at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). GW Pharmaceuticals was the first cannabis based company to introduce pharmaceuticals through the FDA, enabling them to gain market approval with a cannabis-derived drug, and in many ways, they have paved the way for us to work towards our own FDA approval on many of our treatments. We believe that working closely with DF/HCC, one of the world's top cancer research organizations, will be a game-changer. We truly believe that we are at the forefront of an exciting opportunity to reach a much wider range of patients than ever before with our drugs," said Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, President & CEO, Co-Founder, Cannabis Science, Inc.