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Crown Baus Team Negotiates Investment Opportunity with Cannabis Science (CBIS) for Stake in California Property Development Projects and the Nevada Cannabinoid Drug Production Facilities in Douglas County, Nevada

BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 7, 2017) -  Crown Baus Capital Corp. (the "Company") (OTC PINK: CBCA), is a global acquisition-based conglomerate looking to aggressively capitalize on its key industry strengths. Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, Crown Baus President & CEO, is pleased to provide updates in its Drug Development industry; updates in its other key industries will be provided soon. The Company is actively pursuing business opportunities in each of its key industries; High-Tech Incubation, Drug Development, Entertainment & Media, Education, and Financial Services.

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Initially, Mr. Dabney and the Team at Crown Baus are structuring an investment management opportunity with Cannabis Science (OTC PINK: CBIS) for participation in its Douglas County, Nevada property and drug development project. Cannabis Science has substantial property development contracts in California and Nevada to build fully licensed, state compliant medicinal and industrial cannabis/hemp production. The Company is splitting the investment opportunities into one-acre parcels for each land development project. Objectives are to build a portfolio of investors, partners, and supply chain production operations throughout the United States that are at various stages of legislative development and leverage our core competencies and strengths. Each project is centered around cultivation and cannabinoid-based drug development programs targeting critical ailments. Each large-scale property and drug development project is designed to generate hundreds of jobs in the construction, farming, medical, retail, and education industries.

Mr. Raymond C. Dabney is the President, CEO & Co-Founder of both Cannabis Science Inc., (OTC PINK: CBIS) and Crown Baus Capital Corp. (OTC PINK: CBCA). Mr. Dabney is looking to include CBCA in the financial management of the Douglas County project. CBIS has announced that it has begun the build-out of its cannabinoid drug development facility in Douglas County, Nevada. Phase 1 of the build-out includes approximately 33,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space per one-acre plot. The Douglas County land development deal has multiple contracts in place with approximately 15 more acres ready to develop, with more coming shortly thereafter for investor opportunities or CBIS will continue to build them out in- house. Phase 1 for each one acre build-out will cost approximately $300,000 to $500,000 USD with full production capacity maxing out at approximately 33,000 sq. ft., CBCA and the general investing public can benefit from this ground-breaking opportunity by investing directly into the Douglas County property development project, one acre at a time.

Details of the CBIS & CBCA arrangement are pending. Mr. Dabney is working to make the best deal structure for all shareholders involved, including a CBIS shareholder stake in CBCA. Working together is in the best interests of both CBCA and CBIS as this type of relationship makes things much simpler and consequently an exercise of financial strength and growth for both Companies.

California alone has the world's sixth largest economy with a GDP of 2.5 trillion dollars, thus this opens a very large market for the company to reach. CBIS seeks to link the capital raising abilities of the CBCA Team with the property development projects it has in the works focusing on California, Nevada, and Washington.

About Crown Baus Capital Corp.

Crown Baus Capital Corp. is a global acquisition-based conglomerate targeting five primary industries: High-Tech Incubation, Drug Development, Entertainment & Media, Education, and Financial Services. We specialize in the vertical integration of industrial, commercial, and retail profit centers, along with partnerships and start-ups, to create synergistic savings and increased value to our shareholders.

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