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Cannabis Science Applauds Extending Legalization of Nevada Medical Cannabis Program and Continued Growth of the U.S. Industry; Examines Opportunities Presented by the Opening of the Nevada Market 04 Apr 2014
Cannabis Science (CBIS) Applauds Unprecedented United States Federal Government Approval of University Study of Medical Cannabis for Veterans Suffering from PTSD 19 Mar 2014
Cannabis Science (CBIS) Announces Investors In Private Placement Include Weedmaps and Dutch Investment Company; Weedmaps and CBIS to Develop Joint Ventures and Marketing Relationship 12 Mar 2014
Cannabis Science (CBIS) Acknowledges Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, for Objectively Addressing Treatment Benefits of Cannabis for Several Critical Ailments in Tonight's CNN Special: 'Weed 2' 11 Mar 2014
Cannabis Science (CBIS) Closes Recently Announced $1 Million PPM Financing To Fund Research and Development In the U.S.A. and Europe; Funding Effort Fully Subscribed 07 Mar 2014
Cannabis Science (CBIS) Expands into Spanish Market; Specific Focus on Medical Research and Studies 28 Feb 2014
Cannabis Science Negotiates $1 Million Financing for Progression of Products and Start of Observational Trials 20 Feb 2014
Cannabis Science (CBIS) Signs Partnership Agreement with Michigan Green Technologies, LLC to Focus on Reform and Proper Implementation of Cannabis and Commercial Hemp Programs for the State of Michigan 13 Feb 2014
Cannabis Science (CBIS) Collaborates with Patients Out of Time, Inc., a Global Patient Advocacy Organization Dedicated to Educating Health Professionals and the Public about Therapeutic Cannabis 05 Feb 2014
Cannabis Science (CBIS) Applauds U.S. Congress on Moving to Legalize Hemp Cultivation and Research; Calls Today for Final Senate Passage of Farm Bill and President's Signature into Law 04 Feb 2014