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Cannabis Science Groundbreaking Cancer Research Skyrockets With More Views Than 95% of All Frontiers Articles; Research Team Begins Evaluating Commercialization Options 22 Feb 2018
Cannabis Science Expands 5-Year Agreement With Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to Develop Cannabinoid-Based Medications and Associated Delivery Technologies for the Treatment of Cancers 02 Feb 2018
Cannabis Science Expands Cancer Portfolio to Include Leukemia Treatment Research Utilizing Cannabinoid-Based Medicines 31 Jan 2018
Cannabis Science Prepares the Grand Openings for Its First Two Pharmacies in California and the Cannabis Science 2018 Black-Tie Gala Event Date to be Announced Right After the Grand Openings 29 Jan 2018
Cannabis Science Announces an Overwhelming Response to its Groundbreaking Research on the Use of Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Cancers, Already Has More Views Than 91% of the Papers Published in all Frontiers Journals 18 Jan 2018
Crown Baus Capital (OTC: CBCA) Acquires Military Grade CryptoGraphic Secure Online Communications System; Cannabis Science (OTC: CBIS) Measures Asset Backed Blockchain CryptoCurrency Usage with CryptoGraphic Systems Integration 16 Jan 2018
Cannabis Science Announces its Construction Project Management (CPMT) Teams in Support of the Company’s Initiative to Establish Pharmacies and Medical Centers in California and Throughout the U.S. 10 Jan 2018
Cannabis Science Actively Pursuing U.S. Federal Government Contracts and Is Preparing Applications for Submission While Confirming the CBIS Security Team (CBISST) is Ready for Action 09 Jan 2018
Cannabis Science Prepares for the Grand Opening of Its First Two Pre ICO Pharmacies in Prime, High Traffic Areas; State of the Art Tracking and Automation System is Being Installed Now 08 Jan 2018
Cannabis Science Has US Federal Government Clearance that Changes the Industry, Access to Federal Government Contracts, Supported US Federal Governments Since 2009, Looks for New Federal Policy to Properly Regulate Industry for Patients 05 Jan 2018