Invitation to the 2017 Global Health Catalyst Cancer Summit at Harvard Medical School

Mr. Dabney's Global Health Catalyst (GHC) summit at Harvard Invitation

Cannabis Science’s CEO, Mr. Dabney, will be the keynote speaker and a panelist for a special session on “Cannabis Science Versus Cancer and Other Malignancies.” Mr. Dabney’s invitation for this premier yearly event at Harvard can be viewed using this link. Mr. Dabney will discuss how cannabinoids can be used to treat cancer and other diseases, manage the side effects of cancer treatment like radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and potential applications of medical cannabis in global health to close the global pain divide; Cannabis Science’s vision for the global health and development impact of cannabinoid-based medicines; and the need for greater public education on the importance of medical cannabis research. Information on this special session can be accessed at Additionally, Mr. Dabney will present Summit participants with an overview of the company’s current drug development program, as well as with an update on Cannabis Science’s Collaborative Research Agreement (CRA) with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI).


Dr. Herman's Global Health Catalyst (GHC) summit at Harvard Invitation

Dr. Allen Herman, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of CBIS, Inc. will Co-Chair this session and participate in the discussion on the epidemiology of cancer and the utilization of opioids in Africa. Opioid utilization rates reflect the pain divide. Mr. Dabney and Dr. Herman lead CBIS’ collaboration with DFCI.

“This speaking opportunity affords Cannabis Science an opportunity to discuss cutting-edge cannabinoid research with some of the greatest minds in modern medicine globally, as well as to network and explore potential partnerships. In addition, our participation in this Summit will provide Cannabis Science an opportunity to update our stakeholders regarding our progress in the implementation of Cannabis Science’s CRA with DFCI. We are launching an aggressive research program with DFCI, and we expect a number of major developments in 2017,” said Dr. Herman.

WHAT is it all about:

The Global Health Catalyst (GHC) summit at Harvard, is a premier yearly event designed to catalyze high impact international collaborations to eliminate global health disparities, with main focus on cancer.

Our vision:

We have a dream that one day cancer will be eradicated,  and that people of all socio-economic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds will have access to quality healthcare.

Our Approach:

To realize this dream, we have adopted a transformative approach rooted in the values of creative agency and collaborative work embodied in the Swahili word HARAMBEE.  This approach focuses on building collaborations, leveraging ICTs/lower cost technologies, and unprecedented diaspora engagement to catalyze high impact international collaborations in cancer care, research and education that will save lives, eliminate cancer disparities, advance development. 

Global Health Catalyst Summit